6 Bottle Case - 1 Liter

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  • Distilled from organic sugar cane
  • Proofed with naturally pure Alaskan water
  • Charcoal filtered through organic coconut husk charcoal

Distilling with organic sugar cane provides a superior flavor profile that is subtly sweet and balances perfectly with a lime or lemon wedge.

After distilling the organic sugar cane it is almost pure alcohol before we add naturally pure Alaskan water to proof it down from 195-197% to 40% alcohol (80 proof). 

The reason we go to such lengths for our water is because all vodka is 60% water and being pure of pollutants (gas or solid) makes a big difference in taste. 

Finally, the charcoal filtering through organic coconut husk charcoal gives Reigncane it's 1st class, luxuriously smooth finish.


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