Reigncane Late Harvest Sugar Cane - 1 Liter

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Limited Batch

  • Limited availability 
  • Bottle size, 1 Liter
  • Bottled at 40% ALC./VOL. (80 proof)
  • One, 8.5" long, piece of sugar cane inside each bottle


Our Late Harvest Sugar Cane Vodka is a sugar cane infusion that starts with our award winning Reigncane Vodka. It is distilled from organic sugar cane, filtered through organic coconut husk charcoal for 3.5 days and proofed with our naturally pure Alaskan water. Read more about Reigncane Vodka here.


It is then infused and bottled with a piece of organic sugar cane for an earthy sweetness that only raw cane can provide. The sweetest cane is harvested at Autumn's end. Taking advantage of the full season and giving us the perfect natural sweetness to compliment our Reigncane Vodka.

What has become a staple in our house, has now become a limited addition to our Reigncane family. 


Proudly bottling the highest quality for an unmatched taste experience. 


*Note for collectors - This will be the last paper label Late Harvest bottle we produce. We released 275 on the first batch in January 2023; which sold out in the first day. This batch release in June 2023 is 850 bottles.


How many grams of sugar per ounce?

There are no added sugars, only the sugar cane stick is added. Combining the infused spirit and the sugar cane stick, there are only 10 grams of sugar per 1 liter bottle.


How many calories or carbs per ounce?

68 calories & 0.3 carbs per ounce; combining the infused spirit and the sugar cane stick.


How should I enjoy it?

Best served on the rocks. 


Is it sweet?

Yes, when compared to Reigncane Vodka it is sweet. It is the perfect amount of natural sweetness, but not too sweet since there are no added sugars aside from the sugar cane stick.