Coconut & Kiwi Failed Me - Weekend With Reigncane

I really enjoy all of the ingredients to this cocktail separately. Turns out they do not come together well in a cocktail. 

Struggling to understand why...doesn't a coconut water, kiwi, lime & mint cocktail sound delicious!?

Well, its not. It tastes something like the smell of burning plastic. I'm not sure how it could possibly taste so bad 😂

If I have to have 1 bad cocktail out of every 30 I make, I guess its still worth while and might be entertaining to watch so here it is....cheers to your weekend! 

Vodka soda with lemon it is!

Think you have a recipe that uses coconut water and kiwi, I'll make it next weekend for the video if it tastes good! I need to redeem myself. 

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