Reigncane Vodka 750ML

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Why Reigncane

  • 40% ALC./VOL. (80 proof)
  • Distilled from organic sugar cane
  • Proofed with naturally pure Alaskan water
  • Filtered through organic coconut husk charcoal


We believe organic sugar cane + pure, Alaskan water + charcoal filtering for 3 and a half days creates the best flavor profile for vodka. Our process creates a luxuriously smooth, subtly sweet finish that is perfect for a martini or spirit forward cocktail.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Reigncane and white rum; both are made from sugar cane?

While rum must be made using sugar cane, vodka can be made from any fruit, root or grain; including sugar cane which is actually a grass. As long as you have sugar to ferment and distill you can make alcohol. The difference lays in the distillation process and the definition of each spirit. To be considered vodka by The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) we must distill our alcohol to above 190 proof. Once you pass this level of purity you are by definition making alcohol for vodka and not rum. Our high proof alcohol then becomes vodka when proofed down with our Alaskan water.


Sugar or Carbs?

No, Reigncane has a sugar content of 0 grams and 0 carbs. All of the sugar is distilled out of the alcohol during the distillation process.


How many calories does Reigncane have?

An ounce or shot of Reigncane only has 67 calories.


What makes Reigncane Alaskan?

We started with the source of water in Alaska back in 2016. Originally we were going to make a high-end bottled water. To our fortune, that did not work out and we landed on a much more fun beverage.


Why do you use sugar cane?

For the best taste and a smoother finish. It produces a superior and more pure alcohol than that of grains or potatoes. Plus, you get a hint of sweetness in the aroma and taste of Reigncane.

Using grains and potatoes to make vodka requires the addition of enzymes and chemicals; and, produces small amounts of additional chemicals such as: methanol and other alcohols (known as fusel alcohols), acetone, acetaldehyde, esters, tannin, and aldehydes (e.g. furfural).

Congeners (minor chemical constituents) are responsible for most of the undesirable taste and aroma of distilled alcoholic beverages. It has been suggested that these substances contribute to the symptoms of a hangover but, that’s not scientifically proven.

Methyl alcohol is a naturally-occurring by-product of the distilling process (especially with grains and potatoes) and is a known toxin in high concentrations. The output of methyl alcohol when fermenting cane sugar is minimal by comparison, which increases the purity of the flavor and eliminates any after taste.