Orange Mule, Not a Winner - Weekend With Reigncane #94

Brian Eckert
Orange Mule, Not a Winner - Weekend With Reigncane #94

Well I cannot say I didn't warn you, this combination of flavors did not turn out well. While ginger beer and orange juice are great on their own...not so much when mixed together. 

Don't worry about the ingredients for this cocktail, I would just make a normal Moscow Mule this weekend:
1.5 oz Reigncane
1 oz Lime Juice
3 oz Ginger Beer

The giveaway:
This clear ice maker is like new and has only been used once; for the video I made previously.
The first person to order anything on our site and send me a message saying you want the ice maker added to your order will get it.
You can send a message through the website, live chat, or to my email if you have it. 

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  • Kent

    You need to try it without the lime juice. I use about a bottle of Bindaburg ginger beer, a couple ounces of Reigncane, and a packet of True Orange from True Citrus and I think it taste pretty good. I also do the same but with a True Grapefruit packet that is really tasty too. The orange is a lot lighter than the grapefruit but both are good. Grapefruit is my favorite of the two though.

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