Sweet Chai | Weekend With Reigncane #120

Brian Eckert
Sweet Chai | Weekend With Reigncane #120

1 oz Reigncane Vodka
1 oz Chai Tea Concentrate (instructions below)
.5 oz Organic Maple Syrup

Chai Tea Concentrate Instructions:
Chai tea concentrate takes 10 minutes to make.
Two cups of water in the microwave for 2 minutes.
Then add 4 chai tea bags and steep for 2 minutes.
Pour the tea into a pan and add a cinnamon stick and cloves.
Simmer for 4 minutes and then add the tea bags into the pan.
Pour back into the cup and it is done, just remove the cinnamon, cloves and tea bags.
1/2 cup to 1 cup of water should have evaporated, this will concentrate the flavor.

Cocktail Instructions:
Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice, shake and strain into a glass.


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  • Sharon

    OMGosh, your son was perfect in his role as bubbleman!!! I have some loose chai tea and don’t make it often because it does have its own taste to it. I will try this. Congratulations to all in your world.

  • Brenda

    It sounds good sorry about your loss of shoot glasses I was hoping that I might get something from you for Christmas πŸŽ„ hoping maybe a shoot glass or two

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