About Us

A family business built on ambition, passion and a lot of "Cheers!".

Our journey began in October, 2016 when we found the source of water nestled on an island in Alaska's Alexander Archipelago. The water is one of the most naturally pure sources on the planet. Fed by glacier melt and an average water fall of 166 days per year of rain, hail or snow.

Measuring the purity of water is done on a parts per million scale of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). If you have a TDS of 0, then you have pure H2O and tap water legally needs to be under 500 TDS. Anything above 500 TDS is considered not safe to drink. Our water before it is filtered is between 10-12. That is incredibly naturally pure water! 

Our water source:

Some pictures from our first trip to Alaska where we tested the water first hand.

We fed bears grapes at a the local bear cub sanctuary and met with the city's board of directors about allowing us access to their pristine water.

As most all plans do, it did not go smoothly, but thankfully what began as an idea for high-end bottle water turned into a much more exciting venture for our family. 

Vodka by definition is 60% water and 40% alcohol. We learned that pure water provides a neutral base for crafting spirits that carry flavors through in their true form. The little filtration required for our water allows us to leave the natural mineral content which gives Reigncane a silky mouthfeel.

We began to explore and experiment. You can make alcohol from any fruit, root or grain that contains starch. After many, many tests we landed on what we believe to create the best flavor profile for vodka: organic sugar cane. 

A subtly sweet finish and a light pillowy mouth feel simply leaves you wanting more.

Thus Reigncane Vodka was born. The first 20 bottles were filled in October of 2018 and we managed to keep 2 of the original bottles which are now stored as trophies.

We began to share it with the world in May of 2019 in our original Raincane Vodka label:

We started working with local bars that cared about the quality of the spirits they poured. 

The Recess Room in Fountain Valley, CA was our first account and it was a great feeling to partner with them considering the bar manager had previously won a cocktail competition that covered all of Mexico. He said, 
"the sugar cane reminds me of when I was younger, the fields around my house in Mexico would burn off the excess leaves before harvesting the sugar cane stocks. The next day the sugar cane ash would float down across our city and it would give the air such a pleasant smell."

Our second account was The Cellar in Fullerton, CA which was rated the top cocktail bar in Orange County in 2014. They only carry 3 vodkas and they replaced their premium vodka choice with Reigncane.

These two accounts gladly accepting Reigncane to pour for their guests was a sign of greatness to come as we were just beginning our journey.

During our launch year we took a silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition:

We pushed the brand grass roots style and built momentum leading up towards COVID-19. We had 90% of our business built with the bars and restaurants in Southern California and due to COVID-19 they all closed down during the pandemic on March 15th, 2020. 

During this time we rebranded from Raincane to Reigncane which gave us the look we have today with the same great taste. 


Today you can order Reigncane direct from our website and have it delivered to your door.  Thank you for celebrating life with us!

From our family to yours, cheers!