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tasting notes

Reigncane has a fresh, light aroma with a touch of sweetness, reminiscent of sugar cane, lemon peel and fresh herbs.
On first sip, you’ll experience sweet vanilla rounded out with cacao nibs and just a hint of lemon peel at the finish.

sugar cane

Fresh Herbs

sweet vanilla

cacao nibs

lemon peel

what makes reigncane the best tasting vodka?

Distilled from organic sugar cane

We like to say, "Breaking tradition is only accepted when the result improves the experience.”

Did you know that you can make alcohol from any fruit, root or grain that contains starch?

To make Reigncane, we rigorously tested (and tasted!) every possible source to land on the one we believe to create the best flavor profile for vodka: organic sugar cane.

Sugar cane is not the same as refined sugar - it’s a type of grass that lends a lighter, cleaner flavor than any other source. You’ll experience it as a pleasantly sweet aroma and lush, pillowy finish on the tongue.

Proofed with naturally pure alaskan water

After distilling the organic sugar cane it is almost pure alcohol before we add our Alaskan water to proof it from 194-195 proof down to 80 proof (40% alcohol).

We traveled all the way to a remote island in Alaska to find the purest possible water for our vodka.

The reason we go to such lengths for our water is because while all vodka is 60% water; our water is naturally free of pollutants (gas or solid) which makes for a cleaner taste.

Proofed with naturally pure alaskan water

Filtered through organic coconut husk charcoal

Reigncane’s final filtering process uses organic coconut husk charcoal, a very light and hungry filtration material; the perfect final step in our craftsmanship. As vodka travels through the coconut husk, the husk removes all remaining impurities.

Our filtering process gives Reigncane its pure, unmatched sipping quality. Quality you must taste to believe.