Reigncane Vodka's New Headquarters

It is with an overwhelming level of excitement and sheer gratitude that we get to announce our new distribution plans.

We are thrilled for our future home to be built in beautiful Jacksonville Florida. With final approvals from city and state we are ready to dig in and get to work. Of course, with a martini in hand we say cheers to our progress, bright future and the wonderful Jacksonville residents for sharing a drink with us.
It would not be possible without our amazing vodka made from organic sugar cane, naturally pure Alaskan water and super smooth finish we get from charcoal filtering our vodka for 3.5 days.

Most vodka drinkers have yet to try a vodka made from organic sugar cane and we are happily changing that one sip at a time.
Reigncane Vodka is now available at select liquor stores in the Jacksonville area as well and available for purchase online.
If you would like to give Reigncane a try you can place an order here.

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  • 40% ALC./VOL. (80 proof)
  • Distilled from organic sugar cane
  • Proofed with naturally pure Alaskan water
  • Filtered through organic coconut husk charcoal
    We believe organic sugar cane + pure, Alaskan water + charcoal filtering for 3 and a half days creates the best flavor profile for vodka.
    Our process creates a luxuriously smooth, subtly sweet finish that is perfect for a martini or spirit forward cocktail.
    Free shipping on 3+ bottles.

    Reigncane Cocktails



    Disclaimer: Our vodka is real, delicious and smooth, but this article is simply for marketing and to get attention for our distribution plans in Jacksonville, Fl. Please drink responsibly.