Save The Bears

$1 from each bottle sold is donated to Fortress of The Bear

When we first discovered our water source in Alaska we had to pitch to the island's board of directors why they should let us use their pristine water. The group ahead of us was negotiating to expand their plot of land to allow them to help save more bears. It's not everyday you meet people who save bears and we ended up having the fortune of visiting Fortress of The Bear.

They are a sanctuary for abandoned bear cubs due to hunters & poachers. 

They ended up becoming our neighbors in Alaska with our water filling site being less than a football field away. 

Here is Chaik, who was friendly enough to come over and let us feed him grapes:


From Fortress of The Bear's website


Bears ruled Alaska long before fishermen, gold miners, or cruise ships arrived. As their territory has diminished, more and more bear cubs have become orphaned and sick. The state of Alaska has no bear rehabilitation program in place, and unfortunately orphaned cubs are routinely shot by the Department of Fish and Game for lack of an alternative. Until now. At Fortress of the Bear, our mission is to rescue cubs, bring them back to health and provide a long life full of enrichment.  

Our rescue center opened in 2007, and now houses 8 bears. More than 20,000 visitors per year come to experience the majesty of these amazing creatures. We’ve sent bears to the Bronx Zoo, Montana Grizzly Encounter and the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Boyd, Texas. Our goal is to work with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game to someday release rehabbed bears back into the wild.



Here are some of the other bears they house:





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