Reigncane Cinnamon - 1 Liter

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Limited Batch

  • Limited availability
  • Bottle size, 1 Liter
  • Bottled at 40% ALC./VOL. (80 proof)
  • One, 8.5" long, cinnamon stick inside each bottle



Each bottle is infused with the sophisticated warmth of real cassia cinnamon. This limited release of rich amber heaven is only made possible by harvesting mature cinnamon bark with the thickest oil deposits.

Proudly bottling the highest quality for an unmatched taste experience. 



*Note for collectors - This is the final limited batch of paper label Cinnamon bottles. They are in a different bottle shape from the previous paper label limited edition Cinnamon bottle.


Free shipping on 3 bottles or more


How many grams of sugar per ounce?

There are 0g of sugar per ounce.


How many calories or carbs per ounce?

67 calories per ounce.


How should I enjoy it?

Best served on the rocks. We have also enjoyed it in a white russian and a 1 part/1part mix of Reigncane Cinnamon and an orange liqueur.


Is it spicy?

We would not describe Reigncane Cinnamon as spicy, but more so just a flavorful cinnamon profile.